Resources for Teaching Persuasive Writing
  • 9780325025971.jpgTeaching Persuasive Writing by Sarah Picard Taylor is a pocket-sized guide to teaching persuasive writing including a unit of signs and posters for kindergartners, persuasive letter writing for first graders and persuasive reviews for second graders. The persuasive unit is meant to fit nicely with Calkin's Primary Units of Study. At Chets Creek we have decided to use the signs and posters and the persuasive letters as the end product for our kindergartners.

Children's books to use with this unit
0689832133_l.gifClick Clack Moo is a great book to introduce this unit. This slide show of the book can be used instead of the text book.
0399237178_l.gifI Wanna Iguana is a great persuasive text as a little boy tries to convince his mother that he needs an iguana and she tries to convince him that he doesn't!
0689716699_l.gifEarrings! by judith Voirst is a delightfully written persuasive text about a little girl who begs her parents for earrings.

Persuasive posters.
This is an activity for making posters for a Farmers' Market. Each group of children decide what they would sell and make a poster to try to attract sales.


This is a persuasive rubric written by kindergarten teachers at Chets Creek to use with this unit.

Stationary/ Post Office
Units of Study for Primary Writing - Lucy Calkins - CD Rom has miscellaneous stationary to print out under "Resources for the Year."

Letter to parents about your persuasive letter writing unit.

Permission from parents to write to selected addresses.

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From the blogosphere:
I introduce the genre with OREO (opinion, reason, example, restate opinion). We begin with graphic organizer below until the kids understand how to write without the support.
external image Classroom+096.jpgThe follow up lesson models how to transfer the writing into complete sentences.external image Book.jpegThis book does a wonderful job at teaching reasons. The kids enjoyed it too!

Easter Celebration thought: Some years this unit will fall during the Easter holiday so rather than stopping to do Easter activities, why not just slide Easter into the persuasive unit? Invite the childen to write persuasive letters around the Easter theme such as letters to the Easter bunny on reasons why he should stop at their house and bring eggs!