Pow Wow is an authentic unit that hooks kindergarteners to their Native ancestors. Each kindergarten class adopts a Native American tribe and centers their activites around that tribe for the unit. Each classroom is attached to a fifth grade classroom that also works on the same tribe. This traditional unit takes place during the month of November, culminating with a Pow Wow celebration on the Friday before Thanksgiving. Resources for the individual tribes can be found at the Chets Creek Native American wiki.

Tying Pow Wow into Thanksgiving
All About Thanksgiving (great to show the Monday or Tuesday after Pow Wow Friday). Go to videos.
Interactive site that investigates fact and myth of the first Thanksgiving

Chets Creek Kindergarten Homework
  • Knots on a Counting Rope homework, class blog
  • Knots on a Counting Rope read on Storyline Online (Load More Books - runs 11 minutes)

Social Studies

Family Make 'n' Take
  • Information for each tribes Make 'n' Take should be in each storage box. Native American homes should be taken and displayed outside the classroom after they are made.
  • Pow_Wow_029.jpgDuring the Make 'n' Take, consider putting out the long colored strip of bulletin board paper (that will be used to cover the Dining Room table on Friday for lunch) on the floor with a chart of Native American symbols so the children and parents can practice writing the symbols. This will get the lunch cover finished without taking out more classroom time for another project.
  • 5th Grade usually joins us for the Make 'n' Take so make sure that the Powwow Chair for Kindergarten connects wiht 5th Grade to see what they are doing. Usually 5th grade sets up a presentation table for each tribe located close to the kindergarten room. Kindergarten and 5th grade families are encouraged to pick up a "Passport" and have it stamped at each tribal station. When the Passport is full, the students pick up a Native American bracelet in the front lobby from Susan. Check these details before the night so you can give parents information.
  • The Powwow Chair should also contact the 5th Grade Chair and make a connection so that the students that present to the parents at the Make 'n' Take can also present to the class that has their tribe on the following day. This is valuable information for the Kindergartners and gives the 5th graders an audience of students who have schema for their topic. If possible Kindergarten and 5th should combine their projects in the front lobby so that the many, many parents who will come to the Powwow will be able to view the 5th grade projects, the Native American paper dolls and the Native American homes made at the Make 'n' Take. See KK if the bleachers are needed. All classes should view these projects sometime close to the Powwow.

Chets Creek Pow Wow: The Main Event

Pow Wow Information

Invitations to 1st & 5th Grade

Bag Lunch Reminder
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Parent Intro Letter/Parent Help Form - 2015

Parent Letter -one week out

POW WOW Field Layout

POW WOW Program

POW WOW Script

Kindergarten Family Invitations

Planning Checklist for Teachers

Planning Checklist for Team Leader

Rotation Schedules

Resource Teacher Letter

The Main Event