Open House is normally held in the first 4-6 weeks of the school year. This is a chance to share student work, explain rituals and routines, go into deeper descriptions of homework, academic expectations, report cards, and standards. Teachers conduct Open House in a variety of ways (PowerPoint presentation, mini version of the day, scavenger hunts, etc.)

SBBB - The first Standard-Based Bulletin Board comes very quickly for kindergarten teachers since it has to be put up before Open House. See the wiki page K-SBBB for some excellent examples.

Open House Ideas:
  • Pull the students down to their normal seating space so you have control over the students. Use a regular gathering song, just like you do every day.
  • Don't get too wordy. The children can't sit that long and the parents get bored and won't remember.
  • Play "Star Names" with your parents. Have them put their first name on a sticky note after signing in. Have the child who was the star that day, pick out of the hat of parent's names. That parent is "the star" name - it's a big hit with the parents (and the kids love seeing an adult get picked)! If you want to pick a parent that you know will be okay with coming to the front, rig the choice.
  • Go through the day by having the students do the opening workshop songs and/or some of the cute Nursery Rhyme songs (3 short songs is plenty). Parents love when their children perform. Make sure to have the children face their parents and practice this ahead of time so the students know what to do.

Sample Open House **Agenda** (from 2013)