This is a; collection of ideas on how we celebrate Holidays/Events at Chets Creek!

Fall Festival/Literacy Pumpkin Parade
tissue paper |candy corns
|cookie decorating
pumpkin glyphs
Monster/ ghoul bags
Monster necklace
candy corn magnet
spider paper plate treat bag
spider headband
Jack-o-lantern magnet
decorating Cupcakes
popcorn hand


Winter Holidays

Materials for Making the Gingerbread Houses
Amazing parents sent in decorating candy such as M&M's, candy corn, and marshmallows
We collected and washed school lunch milk cartons (1 per child)
Cut about 6 by 6 inch squares of cardboard for the base of the house (1 per child)
White frosting, Graham crackers, Plastic knives

Descriptive Writing Mini-lesson
Focus of mini-lesson: help students add more details to their writing just like they do with their pictures. I first asked my students to tell a partner what they are going to write about their gingerbread house. Many of the students shared a simple sentence about their house, such as, it was cool or that they liked their house. After sharing these ideas, I took out a very sadly decorated gingerbread house with just one lonely piece of candy on it.
I proceeded to act as if it was a beautiful gingerbread house. The students argued back that it wasn't. When I gave them a surprised look asking what was wrong with my gingerbread house, they told me it wasn't finished. They said I needed to decorate it more. When I explained that it was decorated, they argued that there was only one piece of candy on it and that gingerbread houses are supposed to be full of lots of candy.
The discussion continued and I explained how they are usually just writing one sentence without much detail (my gingerbread house) and that they need to be adding all the wonderful details just like they did for their gingerbread houses. After they understood this connection I had them tell a partner about their gingerbread houses again and then write about it. This time they all added a lot more details about their house such as describing the candy they used, the steps to make the house, and even who lives inside it!
To help my students remember this valuable lesson after the holiday break, I took a picture of my sadly decorated gingerbread house and of a student's fully decorated house. We are going to post them in our room and re-look at this when needed to remind students to add more details to their writing.

Happy Birthday, Chets Creek!


100th Day

Valentine's Day

President's Day

St. Patrick's Day