Eric Carle is the offical author study for Kindergarten. We study Eric Carle in Readers' and Writers' Workshop. In Readers' Workshop, we focus the instruction on story elements and reading responses. In Writers' Workshop, we use this study to write responses with an emphasis on books by the same author and across his books.
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Reading Response

Books by Eric Carle with suggestions for teaching the book following each picture and title.

Friend.gifDo You Want to Be My Friend?*
  • Retell the story by acting it out. For props buy your own copy of the book (buy a cheaper used book for this project). Take the book apart and laminate each page. Give each student a two-sided picture card. Each card contains an animal on one side and his tail on the other side. Let students arrange themselves so that they are in the same order as the animals in the story. To begin, have the students show the side containing the tail only. As each animal is mentioned, student turns his card over so that the animal can be shown.
  • In the art section of this site, masksare available that can be copied for retelling this story.
  • Pow_Pow_197.jpgInvite each student to draw a picture of one of the animals on a large index card. Read the story and have students bring the picture of their animals as you read that part of the story. These pictures can be placed in a sentence strip chart that can be used to retell the story.

my_cat.jpgHave You Seen My Cat?*
    • Have You Seen My Cat? is a good book for identifying high frequency words. This site includes flash cards of some of the high frequency wordsin the story that could be sent home for practice or used in Skills Block.
    • Invite each student to choose a cat and create a cat masks out of tagboard or construction paper. Invite students to decorate these and then use them to act out the story. Put the masks and copies of the book in a Center for retelling.
    • Connection to technology: Make a class Google map locating the different types of cats in the book.

head.jpgFrom Head to Toe*

Very_Hungry_Caterpillar.gifThe Very Hungry Caterpillar*

fob08_theme3.jpgGermany40th2.jpg London40th.jpg

busy_spider.jpgThe Very Busy Spider*
    • This site includes a weeklong lesson plan for The Very Busy Spider including colored cards to use in a retelling.
    • Use a "spider web" (concept web) to write the story elements or you could use a web for synonyms for busy.
    • Perform a Reader's Theatre or retelling with puppets: spider puppets 1, spider puppets 2
    • headbands for retelling
    • black and white children's copies of the story as emergent reader
    • Make a new class book using different animals and different sounds or make a new story altogether (The Very Busy Student, etc.) Consider illustrating your new innovation of the story using Eric Carle's collage technique.

the_very_quiet_cricket.jpgThe Very Quiet Cricket*

lonely_firefly.jpgThe Very Lonely Firefly*
    • A 2010 blog post of a child's response that exceeds the standard - The result!
    • Connect to Skills Block/ Vocabulary - Compound Words Memory Game: This book is full of compound words: (firefly, lightbulb, flashlight, etc.)The game is played in partner pairs and they flip over 2 cards. If it's a real compound word they get to keep the match, if not they put them back and it's the next player's turn.
    • A 2010 blog post of a child retelling of The Very Lonely Firefly - The Very Lonely Firefly by Eric Carle and Josey
    • Artwork based on the book "The Very Lonely Firefly" (but not very Eric Carle style)
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VCCBsmall.gifThe Very Clumsy Click Beetle*

0064430995_01__SX140_SCLZZZZZZZ_.jpgThe Secret Birthday Message

image53.gifThe Grouchy Ladybug

pancakes,_pancakes.gifPancakes, Pancakes

Little_Cloud.jpgLittle Cloud

0064431622_l.gifThe Mixed Up Chameleon

image32.gifBrown Bear, Brown Bear

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