Skills Block is a 30 minute period that is devoted to teaching phonics (10-15 minutes daily), phonemic awareness, phonics and spelling, high frequency words, language and vocabulary.

  • Letter Recognition pages to support students in-class and at-home

Phonemic Awareness

High Frequency Words
  • High Frequency Word Video
  • Word Lists -adapted from Teachers College Reading and Writing Project (Lucy Calkins)
  • Name Word Wall - This is a Name Word Wall put into a pocket chart so students can pull the name and take it to use in writing.
  • Tee-shirt words - One of our favorite ways to teach high-frequency words is to put the 100 most frequent words on the back of our field trip tee-shirts.
  • A weeklong sequence - for introducing a new sight word - 5 minutes, 5 days
  • Good-by words is a specific technique for introducing high-frequency words and then moving them to the word wall.
  • Repeat books are 3-4 page books that use a repeating phrase such as I can... I see... I like... The books have the repeating line on each page and the child finished the sentence with a word and then a picture.
  • Do something different with the 5 introduced high frequency words each day of the week such as
    • Rainbow write the words using a different color crayon for each letter of each word
    • Write each word with individualized alphabetized box of magnetic letters
    • Boom flash cards: Put words on flash cards. Place the word Boom on several flash cards. When the kids see Boom!, they scream Boom!
    • Write the words on a whiteboard with dry erase markers