Unit 1: We Are Readers
Bend 1: Readers Read Learn-about-the-World Books

  • These are alternate songs that can used to invite students to the gathering area:
    • sung to the tune of "Where, Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone"
It's time,
it's time for Readers' Workshop.
Come join me for a good book.
We'll listen real closely
and see what it says.
come on and let's have a look.
    • sung to the tune of "I've Been Working on the Railroad"
It is time for Readers' Workshop.
We do it every day.
It is time for Readers' Workshop.
It is not time to play.
Every day I'm getting smarter
By reading books in school.
It is time for Readers' Workshop/
Reading is really cool!
  • Book bin labels
    • Concept Book labels (Numbers, Colors, Opposites, Alphabet)
    • Learning-About-the-World Genre Labels
    • Letter to parents asking them to send in two "old favorites" for their child to read and share.

Bend 2: Readers Read Old Favorite Storybooks
The following books are included in the Chets Creek collection of "Star Books" (Lucy refers to these as "Favorite Storybooks"): Three Billy Goats Gruff, Caps for Sale, Where the Wild Things Are, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Harry the Dirty Dog, Red Riding Hood, A Pocket for Corduroy, Peter's Chair, Mop Top, Frederick, The Little Red Hen, Jack and the Beanstalk,The Gingerbread Boy, Big Al. Chets Creek teachers should find multiple copies of these books in their resources. Books that were added later were The Carrot Seed and Koala Lou (from the 1st Grade Mem Fox author study).


Organizing Star Books: Most teachers keep their Star Books in a single bin but in this class they have a seperate bin for each Star Book title marked with a picture of the book cover - a nice way to keep these important books organized throughout the year. Favorite Storybooks book bin labels

Extra activities for retelling for each of the "Star Books" are included on this wiki such as puppet, stick puppet and headband patterns and pictures to sequence.

Chets Creek teachers may access Vocabulary words and activities for each "Star book" on this closed wiki. Other teachers may access the vocabulary words and activities on Teacherspayteachers
Copy one Sulzby score sheet for each child to record conference notes
  • Sulzby-Running Record is a class graph that can be used for keeping both Sulzby and running record levels for the class
  • A-D Guided reading skills. Level D is considered the standard for the end of kindergarten.
  • E-I Guided reading skills. Level I is considered the standard for the end of 1st grade. Kindergarten students may not be tested above level I.
    • Blog about teaching Fluency-Intonation during Guided Reading with examples of reading word-by-word and then another example reading fluently.
  • Levels H-I at Chets Creek also require a written benchmark assessment.

Unit 2: Super Powers
Bend 1: Using Super Powers to Look and Point, and Then Read Everything
Bend 2:Taking On Even the Hardest Words
Bend 3: Bringing Books to Life

Unit 3: Bigger Books, Bigger Reading Muscles
Bend 1: Tracking More Challenging Books
Bend 2: Zooming In on Letters and Sounds
Bend 3: Graduation: Becoming Stronger Readers

Unit 4: Becoming Avid Readers
Bend 1: Becoming an Avid Reader
Bend 2: Learning From All-About Books
Bend 3: Falling in Love with Poetry
The Swing by Robert Louis Stevenson